Getting Over my Development Slump

Every developer hits a slump here and there. The slump can be caused by all different things.

The slump can be caused by all different things, including (but most definitely not limited to):

  • Overly challenging work
  • Working too much
  • Health (Mental and Physical)
  • Recent distractions

For me, I’m not exactly sure where my slump came from. Part of the slump was from beginning working out, which was a new thing for me to add to my daily schedule. Another part may have been the documentation I was reading being really dry. Either way, I’m pretty sure that the bulk of the slump is over!

Moral of the story is that all devs get into slumps. Whether it’s on the job, looking for jobs, or even on daily learning. There are some things you can do in order to get over the slump.

Here are a few things I recommend:

  • Take a break: Sometimes all you need is a break
  • Ask for help: Getting the task down might soothe your nerves
  • Work through your issue to completion



Today, I got pretty far into the documentation. I was able to create a handle and test this handle a little bit. I started working on a way to retrieve the requester IP. Tomorrow I have to ask how the end user is redirected, since I may not need to make a request to the handle server after all.

Rietta Inc.

Today, I didn’t actually get any real work done. I had a scrum with Brandon and we made progress on general team growth.

We started discussing a possible pairing session after dinnertime, but it didn’t really work out timewise and he didn’t have much pair able material anyway.

At some point soon, we intend to discuss/pair on Avdi Grimm’s Contextual Identity Part 1 challenge. So far, I’m thinking a deck singleton, and Brandon is thinking to do something similar to the way symbols are always the same object_id.