How to Reduce Developer Back Pain and Tightness

How to Reduce Developer Back Pain and Tightness

Working as a developer, I’ve had major issues with physical fitness, back tightness, and general body aches, pains, and soreness.. The last couple of years, I’ve been able to formulate the perfect supplements and routines in order to bring myself release and relief from the common issues developers face.


Something I’ve noticed is that including a little bit of physical activity is quite important to reducing developer tweaks and pains.

These days, I stay active each and every day with various activities, that cover various aspects of physical fitness.

Get Moving

Walking approximately 250 steps per hour really helps me stay loose throughout the day

I find that getting 5-10km (3-6 miles) of walking in at the start of the day is really great… However, no matter how much I walk in the morning this typically isn’t enough on it’s own… Walking approximately 250 steps per hour really helps me stay loose throughout the day.

I got the Fitbit Versa 2 rather recently and I’ve been extremely happy with using this to track my overall movement throughout the day.

It tracks my overall daily steps as well as sends me reminders to move when I’ve been sitting for too long, and allows me to track my overall movement throughout the day.

Strength Building

I also find general strength building ends up being important. I’ve tried all different things to build strength, including weight lifting, but without a partner to hold me accountable for workouts, I find it very challenging to keep up with most weight training.

Recently, I got back into rock climbing and it has been absolutely amazing for my strength building. It gives me a reason to get out and build my strength.

Building strength is essential for holding posture as well as being able to perform day-to-day activities without feeling weak and uncomfortable.


For years I would try out professional massages to feel a little more loose. It turns out that, while massages provide a temporary fix, they don’t help the deeper issues I was facing.

I’ve also tried simple stretches, similar to I used to do in cross country… This includes hamstring, hip, back, quad, and calf stretches. In the end, these weren’t enough.

I picked up yoga recently and it has been the first thing that truly loosened my body. I started out with YouTube videos. I quickly found Yoga with Adriene and it was exactly what I needed. I recommend Morning Yoga Fresh, for the mornings (or anytime you “need a little wakeup”), Yoga for Hips & Lower Back Release for lower back and hip tightness, and Wind Down Yoga for night time.

I find a Yoga mat is helpful, but not essential… Something simple works! I like the mats with cool designs:

I don’t do Yoga everyday, but I find my days that start or end with Yoga are nicer, and I feel more productive.

Seek a Professional’s Help

Seeing a Chiropractor or Massage therapist won’t work all by itself, but these individuals are professionally trained to help you overcome issues. A simple chiropractor adjustment can often be found for around $40 without insurance if you look around.

I get chiropractor adjustments from time to time, and I’m rather happy with the results. Typically these bring symmetry to my body and help me increase productivity, as well!


Finally, I started using 2 specific supplements to provide me with a little bit more looseness though-out the day.

  1. Epsom Salt baths extremely help when I’m feeling tense. The magnesium from the bath acts as a natural muscle relaxer. This also acts as a really nice pre-yoga routine. The warmth and salts loosen you up prior to a yoga session.
  2. Chelated Magnesium Supplements I use from time to time, which also act as a natural minor muscle relaxer. I utilize specifically chelated magnesium supplements because they are absorbed better by the body.

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