Peer Programming

Peer programming is (or at least should be) a staple in the average development team. There are many benefits to peer programming.

A few of the reasons I find peer programming to be important are:

  • Higher Focus
  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Save time
  • Safer Code
  • Better Code
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Better understanding of task at hand
  • Camaraderie

Until a month or 2 ago, I hadn’t directly peer programmed. I had indirectly peer programmed helping other devs at their computer, but nothing intentionally peer programmed. I first peer programmed working at Rietta Inc. with Brandon during my screening. We did a complex excercism which took a decent chunk of time.

Today, we did a fun little card game exercise as presented by Avdi Grimm from Ruby Tapas (here is our commit). During this time, Brandon drove while I navigated him. As far as code goes, I learned a few minor tricks/tips but I learned a lot more about the synergy between Brandon and I.

Tomorrow, we are planning on having me drive and him navigate. This might be a better fit because of how anxious I get about “the little things” in the code. We’ll see how it goes!