How to Open a New Tab Vim

How to Open a New Tab Vim

In order to open a new tab in vim, in normal mode type :tabnew.

This will open a new tab with an empty buffer.

You can read more by typing :help tabnew, which outputs this message:

:[count]tabe[dit]				*:tabe* *:tabedit* *:tabnew*
		Open a new tab page with an empty window, after the current
		tab page. If [count] is given the new tab page appears after
		the tabpage [count] otherwise the new tab page will appear
		after the current one. >
		    :tabnew     " opens tabpage after the current one
		    :.tabnew    " as above
		    :+tabnew    " opens tabpage after the next tab page
				" note: it is one further than :tabnew
		    :-tabnew    " opens tabpage before the current
		    :0tabnew    " opens tabpage before the first one
		    :$tabnew    " opens tabpage after the last one

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